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NEW BOOK RELEASE: Best Climbs Moab 2nd Edition

I'm happy to announce that the new 2nd edition of my book BEST CLIMBS MOAB was released by FalconGuiides on April 1, 2020 and is available at websites and online retailers near your fingertips like Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Unfortunately, many of the fine bookstores and outdoor gear shops that carry BEST CLIMBS MOAB are closed during the pandemic, as is Moab and all of the great climbing areas near the town. If you're in Colorado Springs, call Mountain Chalet and they will bring a copy of the book out to you. Curbside service.

So go ahead and order a copy of BEST CLIMBS MOAB from an online retailer and daydream about when we can touch fingers to sandstone and boot soles to tower summits!

Just don't head out to the canyon country now so that the local medical services aren't overwhelmed.

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