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Live Big: Live for the Moment

Life is a grand adventure.

It’s important to live for every moment.

To watch sunrises. To let the setting sun warm our faces at the end of the day.

To love our friends, family, lovers, partners, acquaintances, colleagues, and others fearlessly and without compromise.

To create without internal criticism and to strive to do your best, always your best.

To think great thoughts, and then write them down, paint them on a piece of wood, canvas, or paper, or shape them on stone or sand with hands and heart.

To venture into the world, the great outside, the great faraway, and then be part of that world. Touching hands to rock, feet to alpine path, fingers to black soil, voice to others out there beyond our horizon.

And more than anything else, to just be.

Be in the world. Be present. Be alive in this precious here-and-now moment that will never be again, in this precious life that is ours and ours only.

These are the important things. These are things that count, that make us better, that make us smile and dance and laugh and shout, Yes!

Just say Yes. Just dream big.

These are a few favorite things. The thoughts, feelings, and experiences that sustain us.

The things that make life a grand adventure.

The photo below is my own shout-out on the rim of Wedding Canyon after climbing Independence Monument, again, at Colorado National Monument. March 2007.


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