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NEW BOOK! Best Lake Hikes Colorado from FalconGuides

On Saturday, October 1, my fourth book of 2022—BEST LAKE HIKES COLORADO—was released by FalconGuides.

Woohoo!! All those hikes last year to shining lakes scattered around Colorado and then the hours and days sitting at a laptop, writing chapters, making maps, and compiling photographs, pay off when a box of brand new BEST LAKE HIKES COLORADO books from Falcon arrives on the doorstep.

It’s always a joy to cut the box open and heft the first book out to marvel at the color images, the book’s weight, and the orderly chapters. After thumbing through every page, I think of the marvelous adventures that the book will give the reader. Since I think of my travel guides as books of dreams, those still-to-come adventures are the most important part of every book.

Like HIKING WATERFALLS COLORADO (2nd edition), I coauthored this new BEST LAKE HIKES COLORADO book with my friend and fellow Falcon author Susan Joy Paul. Thanks, Susan, for inviting me to be part of this Colorado lake adventure.

The 328-page book, lavishly illustrated with color photographs, details 80 hikes to over 100 stellar Colorado lakes that spread around the state from prairies to plateaus to peaks. Besides glistening alpine tarns tucked below snowy peaks, the book includes plenty of lower-elevation hikes to gorgeous lakes that are accessible year-round.

It’s hard to decide which of the lake hikes in BEST LAKE HIKES COLORADO I liked the best since they are all memorable and the lakes at the trail’s end are always a fitting end to a footloose trek. When folks ask me, what’s your favorite lake, your favorite waterfall, or your favorite climb? I usually say, The last one I did!

Here is an Amazon link to BEST LAKE HIKES COLORADO.

Take a hike to a gorgeous Colorado lake!


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