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Stewart M. Green



Residence: Colorado Springs, CO 

BA: Anthropology, University of Colorado  

MFA: Creative Non-Fiction Writing, Goucher College

I've been a freelance photographer and writer since 1977, based in Colorado Springs and traveling all over the great American West as well as the United States and world in search of memorable images and experiences to document.

Since the mid-1980s I've worked as a contract photographer and writer for FalconGuides and Globe Pequot Press, writing almost 30 books and photographing a couple more. My books include Rock Climbing Utah, Rock Climbing ColoradoBest Climbs Moab, Best Climbs Rocky Mountain National Park, Rock Climbing Arizona, Rock Climbing New England, Scenic Routes & Byways Colorado, Scenic Routes & Byways New England, and Best Easy Day Hikes Colorado Springs. My photographs and writing are also published in many publications, catalogs, and ads.

I write and photograph because of what is in front of me, to honor everything beyond in the world that is great, interesting, mysterious, and always changing. To be a writer and photographer is to see newly every day, as if for the first time, the essence that illuminates and lives within the earth and within me and my experience of the world. Every subject redefines me and allows me to discover harmony, reconcile disparities and inequities, and to find shape, symmetry, and truth in the chaos of life.

As a writer and photographer I seek to record my life and times, my vision of the world and its natural beauty, its other creatures, and my fellow human beings, and to find affirmation in life through belonging, wholeness, and living. I always think of the reader and the viewer over my shoulder, the person who sees my vision and reinterprets it in their own experience.

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