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Garden of the Gods with a New View: Gazette Newpaper Article

I sort gear with Brian Shelton before climbing South Gateway Rock at the Garden of the Gods. Photo @ Kelsey Brunner/Gazette

Here's an article Garden of the Gods with a New View by reporter Seth Boster that appears in the August 13, 018 edition of The Gazette newspaper about rock climbing at the Garden of the Gods, one of my favorite places to climb and hang out...something I've been doing since I was in high school back in the dark ages.

The article is about climbing to the rocky top of the Garden's highest summits, the Garden of the Gods climbing experience, and some of the local lore and vertical history detailed by Brian Shelton , Phil Wortmann, Bob D'Antonio, and myself.

Brian and I took Seth and Gazette photographer Kelsey Brunner, also a climber, to the tabletop summit of South Gateway Rock, third highest formation at the Garden of the Gods. I guess it's one of my favorite places to stand since I've climbed it over 75 times.

We had a fun ascent, except for the graupel that began to fall when I reached the top, and then a deluge of rain that engulfed us on the mile hike back to the parking lot...all the makings of a fun Garden epic!

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