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Replacing Climbing Anchors at Garden of the Gods: KOAA-TV News Story

Matt Pritchard, one of the sports anchors on KOAA-TV, went out to the Garden of the Gods the other day with Brian Shelton, Patrick Betts, William Olszewski, and myself to learn about the arcane mysteries of how and when and with what new gear we replace old climbing hardware like 50-year-old pitons or wiggly expansion bolts on Garden routes, and about the Pikes Peak Climber's Alliance, our local climbing activist organization.

We got Matt up on a rope on the short route Family Values on the south side of Grey Rock and he shot video, interviewed Brian and me, and put together this story, which aired on KOAA evening news on March 7, 2018. Matt, thanks for the great story!

Here's a link to Matt Pritchard's KOAA-TV news story Rehabbing Rock Climbing Routes in Colorado Springs .

We ended up replacing both the anchors with Wave bolts set in industrial-strength epoxy, as well as the third protection bolt, which had lots of wiggle in it.

The Pikes Peak Climber's Alliance is a non-profit organization founded in 2014 to focus on the sustainability of our climbing areas in the Pikes Peak region, including Colorado Springs city parks, Shelf Road, and Pike National Forest areas. We have a board with 12 members of the local climbing community and are always looking for input and help on climbing issues. Like the PPCA on Facebook and check out our Pikes Peak Climber's Alliance website to get involved.

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