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Support Climbing Magazines and Publishers During the Pandemic

Support your favorite climbing and mountaineering magazines and publishers during the pandemic! I am second from the left in the bottom row on the bottom left side of page 3 in Alpinist 71.

I received my new issue of Alpinist 71 today and flipped it open to page 3. On that full-page are the photos and names of 56 contributors and staff for Alpinist, a climbing and mountaineering magazine that began in 2002.

Myself, down in the lower-left side of the page, along with the other 55 people support Alpinist and other magazines including Climbing and Rock & Ice that support climbing and mountaineering literature, journalism, photography, and art.

On this page are many of my climbing friends, heroes, colleagues, photographers, and writers, including Alpinist editor Katie Ives, Pete Takeda, Cam Burns, Chris Van Leuven, Conrad Anker, James Edward Mills, Jeremy Collins, Jim Donini, Michael Kennedy, Mike Lorenz, Nikki Smith, and many others.

I urge you to support climbing magazines like Alpinist and climbing book publishers during the economic downturn caused by the global pandemic. Publications have lost advertising support so it's paramount that we climbers step up and support the great magazines that we pick up and devour cover-to-cover every month.

As Alpinist asks:

Subscribe to the magazine or extend your subscription. Give a gift subscription. Make a purchase in their online store. Contribute to the Alpinist Podcast.

Support Alpinist and other publications during these challenging and trying times. See you on the rocks and in the mags!

Bottom left photograph: The cover of Alpinist 71. Photo at the Tennessee Wall by Andrew Burr. Bottom right photograph: Page 3 in Alpinist 71 with 56 climbing and mountaineering writers, journalists, artists, photographers, and Alpinist editorial staff.


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