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NEW BOOK! Best Hikes Albuquerque Now Available from Falcon Guides

I'm pleased to announce the release of my newest book BEST HIKES ALBUQUERQUE on October 12 2020 by FalconGuides!

The book details 37 great hikes in central New Mexico, all within an hour's drive of Albuquerque. I've always loved exploring New Mexico and this book includes some of my favorite places in the Land of Enchantment.

These include Bandelier National Monument with its Ancestral Puebloan ruins and vast backcountry; Valles Caldera National Preserve in the Jemez Mountains; Kasha Katuwe-Tent Rocks National Monument, a wonderland of hoodoos, pinnacles, and creased cliffs on Cochiti Pueblo land; and, of course, the towering Sandia Mountains rising above Albuquerque and its remote trails and solitary rock climbing adventures.

Thank you to FalconGuides and their caring staff of editors and designers as well as the busy sales staff that keep all my books stocked on store shelves. All of you rock and I'm always proud to be an ambassador for my gold and black FalconGuides!!

Stay tuned in this space for a giveaway of a few copies of BEST HIKES ALBUQUERQUE that I will do in the next few weeks. The only catch is the winners will have to write a review of it on my Amazon page.

See you on the New Mexico trails that lead to sunny skies, ancient places, and forever views.

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