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Great Review of SCENIC DRIVING NEW ENGLAND at Brilliant Light Publishing

Check out this fabulous book review of the 4th edition of my travel bestseller SCENIC DRIVING NEW ENGLAND at Brilliant Light Publishing.

Finally a review by a writer who gets me--how I write, why I select what I put in a book, and who also appreciates the photographs illustrating the text. Thanks, Hanna Paige!

The first edition of SCENIC DRIVING NEW ENGLAND came out in 1997, and then two more editions until the latest one which was released by Globe Pequot Press last year. A couple years ago the publisher had me revise the text and photos and republished them as four smaller, pocket-size state guides--SCENIC DRIVING CONNECTICUT & RHODE ISLAND, SCENIC DRIVING MASSACHUSETTS, SCENIC DRIVING VERMONT, and SCENIC DRIVING NEW HAMPSHIRE, omitting Maine.

Even though I'm a Colorado boy at heart, born and raised in the Rockies, I have a lasting affinity for New England and its provincial charm, deep woods, fast rivers, high mountains, compact cliffs for climbing, and long and storied history. I can't wait to pack up the truck and drive back there for another long road trip..

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