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Give the Gift of Books This Year: Check Out My New Adventure Books

Once again, it’s the annual holiday season, the giving time of the year. Most of us are trying to figure out what kind of gifts to give and surprise our friends, colleagues, and loved ones to cement our relationships in this reciprocal ritual.

I’ve always given the gift of books because reading is simply one of the best activities that your mind can do. Books teach us lessons, take us on magical journeys, lead us to wonderful and beautiful places, and enrich our lives.

I always look at most of the books that I write and publish as Books of Dreams.

Pick up a book like Rock Climbing Utah, Scenic Driving New England, or Best Hikes Colorado Springs and get transported to new places through brilliant photographs, historical tidbits, and step-by-step directions to find and fulfill your secret dreams.

I’ve written, revised, edited, and photographed a lot of books, so many that it seems I can hardly keep track of them anymore. It’s really kind of funny because when someone asks me, “How many books have you written?” I don’t know the exact answer. Funny because most folks would like to have just one volume with a lush color cover and all of their words inside and their name in 72-point spotlights on the cover. It’s not that I’m jaded, but once I put a book to bed, it’s out of my mind because I’m already knee-deep in the next project.

If you’re wondering this December what to give that special someone, why not a book? Most of us writers are hurting this year since book sales plummeted with the pandemic. I know my royalties are over 50% down versus the previous couple of years.

If you’re looking to give friends and family a Book of Dreams this pandemic holiday season, head over to your friendly outdoor shops like Mountain Chalet or REI in Colorado Springs, a local bookstore, or hit the Amazon website and find a novel, picture book, non-fiction thriller, or book of outdoor dreams. Don’t forget that you can also order e-books for Kindle, iPad, Nook, and even mobile phones.

I would suggest, of course, that you give one of my books!

Check out the links on my Amazon Author’s pages below for details about all of my books and buy the gift of reading. Your adventurous loved ones will appreciate your thoughtfulness. And keep on dreaming!



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