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Bullet the Blue Sky: Climbing Photo Perfection

This perfect climbing photograph that I shot in late 1995 depicts a climber on the perfect arete of Bullet the Blue Sky, a mega-classic climbing route in Penitente Canyon that was established by prolific new router Bob D'Antonio.

Named for the U2 song, Bullet has it all--a sharp arete, clean stone, and, for the climber and photographer, athletic movements. Add exceptional light on an autumn evening and the result is a dramatic image of rock climbing.

I shot this photograph of my son Ian Green on Bullet the Blue Sky. He had already climbed the route a bunch of times before, including his first time up it when he was 12 years old. A 5.12 at 12.

The 1990s, of course, was a great time to climb at Penitente Canyon The canyon was only recently developed so it was still off the radar. Camping was free and it was a rare weekend when there might be another party or two there. My two children, Ian and Aubrey, and I went to Penitente often, enjoying its desert ambiance, sculptured rock, starry nights, and superb climbing.


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