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NEW Editions of Best Climbs Rocky Mountain National Park and Best Climbs Denver and Boulder

The new second editions of my books BEST CLIMBS ROCKY MOUNTAIN NATIONAL PARK and BEST CLIMBS DENVER & BOULDER were released this month by FalconGuides!

Both books are updated for accuracy with changes to access, parking, trails, and routes, as well as some new photographs and covers.

I've climbed most of the routes in the books at one time or another and had lots of fun and adventures, including some wild lightning storms in the Park, doing the 5th ascent of D7 on the Diamond with Doug Snively in 1972, bivouacking atop the Third Buttress on Hallett Peak, meeting Layton Kor on a belay ledge on Anthill Direct, shooting pics of Jim Halloway on Flagstaff Mountain, and...well, it's a long list of fun times. It's a good thing I never grew up...

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