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ROCK ART: My Newest Book Released! #1 Bestseller in Mythology and Folklore

Last Friday, September 28, Falcon Guides released my newest book Rock Art: The Meanings and Myths Behind Ancient Ruins in the Southwest and Beyond.

The 208-page book, available on Amazon and Barnes & Noble, explores the fascinating history of ancient human-made markings on stone canvases that have puzzled historians, archaeologists, and hikers alike for centuries.

What is rock art, and who created these mysterious symbols, and why are so many pieces of artwork similar across disparate and long-forgotten cultures?

How was rock art made—and, more importantly, why?

These questions and more are addressed in this comprehensive guide to rock art, complete with full-color images and travel listings.

Look inside to find:

  • Prehistories and histories of the cultures who created these images and etchings.

  • Detailed descriptions of the tools, techniques, and methods used to create rock art.

  • Best practices and techniques for photographing these alluring rock images.

  • Extensive list of rock art sites across the United States.

Whether you’re fascinated by the wondrous ancient imagery imprinted on the landscape or just curious about the markings alongside your favorite hiking trail, Rock Art is the only guide you need to better understand this mysterious and beautiful art form.

Buy Rock Art on-line at Amazon or Barnes & Noble or visit your friendly local bookstore for a copy and learn all about prehistoric rock art around the world as well as the role of art in both ancient and aboriginal cultures.


At 3:00 p.m. on October 21, Sunday, an exhibit of my Rock Art photographs will open at Art Etc. Gallery at 18 East Rio Grande in south downtown Colorado Springs. Come on down and check out the exquisite and gorgeous photographs.

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