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I received a package today from my publisher Falcon Guides in Connecticut with a dozen copies of my newest book BEST EASY DAY HIKES CARLSBAD CAVERNS AND GUADALUPE MOUNTAINS NATIONAL PARK fresh from the printer. It's on pre-sale right now at Amazon and copies should be shipped soon, so get your order in!

It's a pocket-size hiking guide to both national parks, one in Texas and one in southern New Mexico. If you haven't been to either Carlsbad or Guadalupe, then you need to get my book and make a plan to visit. The hiking and exploring at both parks is fabulous.

The Guadalupe Mountains in west Texas are laced with trails that thread up verdant canyons, switchback up steep limestone ridges, and climb high peaks, including Guadalupe Peak, the high point of Texas. Another hike goes up McKittrick Canyon, sometimes called the "most beautiful place" in Texas. The two campgrounds in the park offer peace and quiet, especially since it's one of the least visited units in the National Park system.

What's there to say about Carlsbad Caverns except it's beautiful, gorgeous, and breathtaking. The book details three trails into the cave itself, as well as a bunch of remote hikes in the park's little-used backcountry. If you've never been to the Caverns, prepare for a mind-blowing experience. It's an amazing place and one of the most decorated caves in the world that is easily visited.

See you on the Carlsbad Caverns and Guadalupe Mountains National Parks!

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